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Medical Device Consulting


Idea Generation, Concept Prototyping, Bench Model Creation and Testing, Device Development, Project Leadership, and Design/Build Troubleshooting.


Our facility boasts the latest in specialized equipment:


Prototype Machining Equipment:

Sharpe 2-Axis CNC Mill

Hardinge Tool Room Lathe

Band Saw, Grinding


CAD & 3D Printing:

MakerBot 2X Printer for ABS & PLA

SolidWorks 3D Modeling


Surface Treatment:

Micro-Abrasive Blaster

Stainless Steel Electropolish


Temperature Control:

Two large Lab Ovens

Vulcan Lab Furnace

NiTi Heat Setting Furnace



Rofin Baasel Nd-VAG Laser Welder

Ultrasonic Welder


Prototype Catheter Construction:

16 carrier Wardwell Braider

UV bonding

Adhesive dispensing

Thermal Bonding


Thermal Reflow Tube Oven

Hot Die Necking



Ultrasonic Cleaner/s

Tensile Testing Station

Fume Hood

Clean Air Workbench


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Collaborative Mindset


Clients are always welcome at HES. Stop by and use equipment, check in on a project, or draw up some new concepts. We will never hoard knowledge or hold anything back about your project.


Ask about our highly-caffeinated brainstorming sessions!


Transparent, Flexible


Estimates are honest projections. Timelines are reasonable. Regular client updates keep you on track. Your projects are billed by the hour for our skilled engineering and technical staff. Your invoice always includes breakdowns of time allocation and vendor material receipts.

Transparency: It's in our DNA.


National Client Base


With our out-of-state clients, it's never "out of sight, out of mind". We believe that with modern tools and good communication skills, it can be almost as easy to collaborate across the country as across the street.


Pre-made Extrusions Available for prototyping:

Excellent for small quantity production, we have a selection of extrusions available in many materials and dimensions.

Call for availability

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