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Contemporary Technology


Old-School Craftsmanship

Functional, Iterative Medical Device Prototyping

HES provides prototyping, design, testing and project management services to the medical device industry.

We can support the technical development of a project from conception to first-in-human clinical study.


Haarstad Engineering Services was founded in 2008 by Phil Haarstad. Phil has over 20 years' experience in medical device research and development.


Phil oversees a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who will take your project from concept to market, or anywhere in between.


Our mission is to serve the medical device industry with integrity and skill. Whether Fortune 500 corporations or  basement-dwelling entrepreneurs, our clients receive the same quality care and attention.



HES specializes in:


Idea Generation,

Concept Prototyping,

Bench Model Creation/Testing,

Device Development,

Project Leadership,

and Design/Build Troubleshooting.


You will find HES to be your solution for cost-effective, timely and professional results. Every. Single.Time..​

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